Community Prosecution

Meet Your Community Prosecutor

North Fulton-Office opened in 2009

Christopher Foss, ADA

Chris Foss

 Senior ADA Christopher Foss serves as the new North Fulton Community Prosecutor covering Alpharetta, Johns Creek, Milton, Mountain Park, Roswell and Sandy Springs. Foss is an experienced attorney who has handled a variety of cases as a prosecutor in the complaint room, non-complex and trial divisions. Prior to practicing prosecution, Foss received an undergraduate degree from Michigan State University and a Juris Doctor from Thomas M. Cooley Law School.

Zone 1-Office opened in 2006

Steven Jones, ADA
Director, Community Prosecution Program

Steven JonesSenior Assistant District Attorney Steven Jones joined the Fulton County District Attorney’s Office in 2009.  Prior to joining the office, ADA Jones served as the Staff Attorney for Fulton Superior Court Judge Michael D. Johnson.  Jones also worked in the Non-Complex Trial Division and was recognized as the Non-Complex Trial Division “Attorney of the Year.” He works closely with the residents in Zone 1 to empower them to take back their community.  Jones recently held a “Community Action Meeting” to give community members the opportunity to develop solutions to the crime problems with which they are struggling.  Jones is also committed to working with the youth in the Zone 1 community to dissuade the next generation of young adults from a life of crime. 

Zone 2-Office opened in 2010

Tiffany Harlow, Senior ADA

Tiffany HarloweSenior Assistant District Attorney Tiffany Harlow joined the Fulton County District Attorney’s Office in 2011. Prior to joining the DA’s office, ADA Harlow practiced at two nationally recognized law firms in Atlanta as an employment litigator where she represented management in the defense of claims brought under various state and federal employment laws. After working with the Atlanta Public Schools Investigative Task Force, ADA Harlow was chosen to lead the Community Prosecution initiatives in Zone 2.  Her goals include maintaining an atmosphere of collaboration between the residents and law enforcement and renewing the public's confidence in the judicial system.  ADA Harlow is a graduate of Emory University, Columbia Law School and Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism.

 Zone 3-Office opened in 2005

Claire Farley, Senior ADA

Claire FarleyA third generation attorney, Claire Farley grew up surrounded and influenced by those who fought for justice. During her 10-year tenure as a Fulton County Assistant District Attorney, Farley has prosecuted a wide range of crimes. One of her most notable cases as a Community Prosecutor was that of the ‘You Tube Burglar.’ Defendant DeGeorgio Jackson, whose crime was captured on videotape and posted online to international notoriety, was sentenced to 15 years in prison for burglarizing a Grant Park home. Claire is proud to work for Zone 3.


Zone 4- Office opened in 2000

Maisha Greene, ADA


Assist District Attorney Maisha Greene serves the zone 4 community covering Southwest Atlanta, including portions of the historic West End and Cascade communities and the Camp Creek area in South Fulton. Greene has more than ten years of public administration experience which includes management roles within the District of Columbia and City of Macon government agencies. Since beginning her employment with the DA’s office in 2013, Greene has worked in both the Complaint Room and Crimes Against Women and Children Unit. Greene is a graduate of John Marshall law school.

 Zone 5- Office opened in 2003

Nichole Milton, ADA

Jadawnya ButlerAssistant District Attorney Nichole Milton serves the Zone 5 community which covers downtown, Midtown, GA State and GA Tech campuses, and portions of Buckhead. Prior to joining the DA’s Office in 2011, Milton practiced municipal defense for the City of Atlanta.  Milton has prosecuted a variety of cases ranging from drugs to shoplifting to motor vehicle thefts. Most recently, Milton was responsible for the pre-indictment preparation of domestic violence cases. ADA Milton graduated from Florida A&M University in 2003 where she received a B.A. in English. After receiving her undergraduate degree, Milton attended Florida State University School of Law where she earned her MBA while completing the JD curriculum.

Zone 6- Office opened in 2009

Keith Lamar, ADA

Keith LamarAssistant District Attorney Keith Lamar Jr. joined the District Attorney Office in February 2012.  After a brief stint in the Complaint room, Mr. Lamar was assigned to the Non-Complex Trial Division.  While in the Non- Complex Division, he was awarded Non-Complex Attorney of the year.  Mr. Lamar is committed to taking proactive steps in enhancing his community by reaching out to the community members and local business owners about issues within the community and working with them in implementing plans to prevent crime before it occurs. He is steadfast on prosecuting repeat offenders and banishing them from Zone 6.  Mr. Lamar is a graduate of Morehouse College and Thurgood Marshall School of Law at Texas Southern University. He is committed to the residents of Zone 6 and honored to be their Community Prosecutor.  

South Fulton- Office opened in 2007
East Point- Office opened in 2014

Kenya Johnson, Senior ADA

Kenya JohnsonVeteran Prosecutor Kenya Johnson leads the South Fulton community prosecution office.  Johnson is committed to reducing the alarming rate of burglary in South Fulton by aggressively prosecuting repeat offenders and banishing them from the South Fulton area. She is also working to clean up Fulton Industrial Boulevard in hopes of setting the stage for a vibrant business and tourist corridor.  In addition to her prosecutorial work, Johnson runs the District Attorney’s signature youth programs, “Legal Lives” and “Junior DA.” She has lived in South Fulton for six years.



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